Welcome to our local Upstate SC Chapter of the Sweet Potato Queens – We are the TaTa Queens™!

Our motto is Fun and Frivolity with a Focus and our focus is Breast Cancer Awareness. We are a registered nonprofit corporation here in South Carolina and we use a variety of avenues to raise money locally and regionally for breast cancer awareness and research as well as offering ways to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of local breast cancer patients. Your donations towards this cause are always appreciated?

TaTa’s are just an amusing name for a serious subject. Our appearances revolve around the message of early detection and the importance of mammograms. We use humor as our medium to get this message across to our audiences. The TaTa Queens™ are extremely conscious of the need for information about breast health and breast cancer and passionately promote this awareness.

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Our next event is October 14th, 2017  – BooBash! 

Check out how to do your own self-exam: Self Exam

Know someone who needs a mammogram but can’t afford it? Check it out: www.thebreastcancersite.com