Our History

Long ago (ok not that long ago) many of us were (and still are) in a book club together.  Several members had read books by author Jill Conner Browne about the escapades of The Sweet Potato Queens (www.sweetpotatoqueens.com) and raved about how fun they were to read.  Eventually, the book club selected one off the books, The Sweet Potato Queens Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit, as our monthly book club selection.  Our “Boss Queen” even arranged to have the author her veryownself call us during the book club meeting!  What fun!

While reading the book, we decided to form our own chapter of Sweet Potato Queens.  Several names and ideas were tossed around but none of them really felt ‘right’.  Then one night our Boss Queen had an epiphany of sorts. All the women in our group have been touched by breast cancer in some way – either personally or through family members and close friends.  The name ‘Ta Ta Queens™’ seemed the logical choice.   It’s a humorous term for a serious subject – not to mention that it’s just fun and frivolous.  We decided to make breast cancer awareness our focus and would do what we could in our community.

We’re even planning to have our very own Ta Ta Ball in March 2009.  Look for details, coming soon.

And the story continues…

9/09 –  WOW!  What a busy time the TaTa Queens™ have had over the past nine months.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our endeavor.  You guys support the TaTas better than a bra!

Just to recap our activities since last December when we made our first appearance in area Christmas parades – a few of the Queens participated in BMW’s Drive for the Cure; we drove to Asheville, NC in full Queen regalia to meet Her Royal Highness, Jill Conner Browne, THE Sweet Potato Queen at a book signing; the Queens worked with Komen, Dillard’s and Wacoal Bras during Fit for the Cure; we were on Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly in mid-February; the Queens hosted our Inaugural TaTa Ball in March (and had a wonderful response – can’t wait for next year!).  Later that same month, several of the Queens traveled to Jackson, Mississippi for the annual Sweet Potato Queen Parade Weekend – WHAT FUN!!  We met Queens from all over the world and worked to promote our focus.  The start of May found us in Anderson at Relay for Life and the end of the month found the Queens and our Wannabes helping out in Greenville at the Forties, Fit and Fabulous Pageant.  The group participated in Pink Saturday in the Spartanburg area and we focused our appearance on mammograms and early detection!

The TaTa Queens™ have A LOT of appearances scheduled over the coming months.  We hope you can be there!  September 19 we will be at Haywood Mall Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  September 22 we will be on Seabrook Island at the Kiawah-Seabrook Medical Clinic for an awareness event. (Come Road Trip with us!)  September 26 we will be back in Greenville at ICAR for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  October 3 will find us back at Haywood Mall  at Dillard’s for another Fit for the Cure – Come get fitted for a bra and a donation will be made to Upstate SC Susan G. Komen!)  October 10 and 11 is a busy weekend for the Queens.  It’s the premiere performance of our fundraising play – Boa’d Silly – The Musical!  Check out our Shop for advance sale tickets.  October 24 the Queens will be performing an early detection skit at Brushy Creek Baptist Church during a breast cancer luncheon.  We will also be singing our “original” song – Mammograms Are Painless.  Later that evening we will be at Clemson for Dig Pink (and our very own Queen Jill will be singing the National Anthem!).  Wow – I told you it’s been a busy few months!!

The TaTa Queens™ LOVE making surprise appearances throughout the region.  You never know where we may turn up.  Come on out and PLAY WITH THE TATAS!!